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Purpose: Provide steps to migrate Business Office to new storage.

You will only need to make the following change on the Mac in the office:

Old way: 

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New way: 

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Notice the only change above is the first three letters of the URL, from "afp" to "smb". If you are already using SMB (or CIFS) to mount, you will not need to change.


Additional information on account types can be found here: 

If you have trouble logging in, please contact us


There is a short list of characters that cannot be used when naming files and folders on this new storage. Here are the special characters to avoid in creating file and folder names:

"periods" at the end of folder name.
"space" at the beginning and end of a folder name.



Previously, while using "afp", VPN was not required. However, "smb" requires the use of VPN when working remotely (i.e. home or off-campus).  For additional information on VPN, please visit: 

or contact us.The wiki page has been moved to Earth Section Business Office (ESBO) Confluence space to provide detailed, sensitive connection information to members of the ESBO group only: