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32-bit Application Support Discontinued 


Here are several ways to check for 32-bit applications on your computer: 

  1. A 3rd party app provides a comprehensive report of 64-bit compatibility:
  2. System Profiler to check on a specific application:
    1. Click on Apple Menu > About This Mac > System Report. 
    2. Go down to Software section and click on Applications. 
    3. Select the application to check. 
    4. Look for "Yes" or "No" in the "64-Bit (Intel)" field. 
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    5. NOTE: It's possible for System Profiler to report the application is a 64-bit application, but still not work in Catalina. 
  3. A terminal command to check if you are using 32-bit applications: 

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    system_profiler SPApplicationsDataType | grep -B 6 -A 2 "(Intel): No" > ~/Desktop/32BitAppList.txt

    NOTE: The resulting text file will only return applications specifically listed as 32-bit in System Profiler. There could still be 64-bit applications that still do not work in Catalina. 

A couple helpful articles describing the problem and more info on figuring out if you are using 32-bit applications: 



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