IGPP Computing Separation Form

Wayne Chen updated June 22, 2015 at 7:10 PM

IGPP Computing separation information

Please initial after each account, and sign at bottom

Upon separation from IGPP, your accounts and any data will expire after 60 days.

Note: if you are moving to another department at UCSD, expiration only applies to your IGPP specific accounts.

A breakdown of accounts and their expiry are as follow. For a description of each type of accounts visit:

Account Password Types

  • UCSD Active Directory - 60 day grace period __________
  • UCSD Exchange Email - 60 day grace period __________
  • SIO Google Domain - 60 day grace period __________
  • IGPP Open Directory - 60 day grace period __________
  • IGPP Network Home Directory files - 60 day grace period __________
  • IGPP CrashPlan backup archive- 60 day grace period __________
  • IGPP CrashPlan backup account - Immediately released __________
  • IGPP IP address and hostname - Immediately released __________

It is your responsibility to uninstall IGPP licensed applications upon departing IGPP.

Official Terms and references to these policies can be found at the following page:


Questions can be addressed to:

IGPP Help Desk, RM. 4112

(858) 534 -1753

I understand separation procedures and account expiry as explained above:

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