Installing 64bit gfortran

Questions Addressed

  • How do I install 64-bit gfortran? How do I install 64-bit gfortran?

Installation Instructions

VPN is required, see How to VPN into the UCSD network

  1. In Finder, navigate to Go in the top menu and choose Connect to Server Connect to Server . Alternatively, you can open Finder and press Command + K.

  2. Type in smb:// and click 'Connect'.

  3. Type in your AD username and password.
  4. Select igppsoftware and click OK.

  5. Navigate to the Public > gfortran.

  6. Navigate to Intel > Current version of OS folder inside of the Intel folder and open the gfortran.dmg (named according to version). This should mount the installer on your Desktop.
  7. Run the installer as you would normally.