Reserving A Conference Room

This wiki will walk you through the steps of reserving a conference room using the IGPP website 

  1. Login, using your AD credentials, by clicking on the login button on the top right of the page.
  2. Hover over the "Administration" tab and from the drop down select "Room Reservation Request"

  3. This page will allow you to see what each conference room looks like and has the link at the bottom of the page allowing you to book a specific room labeled "+Request a Room

  4. Fill in all required fields marked with an asterisk and click "Save" once you are done
  5. You can view your submission through the IGPP Calendar also under the "Administration" tab by selecting "Room Calendar

  6. A "Pending" label over a request means you do not have the room yet and your submission is still awaiting approval, while a label with the room name means your request has been approved NOTE: You can also book a room through this page on the top left corner 

  7. All users will receive an email confirming the details of the request and whether it was approved or denied. 

If you are not an IGPP user and have questions or would like to reserve a room, please contact our front office at extension 41927.

Canceling your Reservation

To cancel any reservations please contact the front office at extension 41927. Please note that only the user that initially made the reservation will be allowed to cancel it.