Chronosync Files Backed Up

J. Brandt Buckley updated March 3, 2010 at 5:19 PM

Questions Addressed

  • Which files does Chronosync back up? Which files does Chronosync back up?

Everything in the user home directory EXCEPT files within these folders (the rules are case sensitive):

  • "Music"
  • "Movies"
  • "Pictures"
  • *this is useful for any files/documents you do not want copied to the server
  • "Drop Box"
  • "Downloads"
  • "By Host"
  • "_Archived Items"
  • "_Deleted Items"
  • ".Trash"
  • All Cache folders, and files ending with ".cache"
  • All virtual machines.
  • Entourage mail databases.

PRIVACY NOTEFiles and documents in the top level of your "home" directory can be viewed by anyone with an account on IGPPHome. Please save files to Documents, Desktop, or another sub-folder, instead of just to your "home" folder.