CrashPlan Why is my CrashPlan backup not getting to 100

Questions Addressed

  • Why is my CrashPlan backup not 100% backed up (e.g., 99.9%)

This problem is caused by certain files that cannot be backed up. CrashPlan is designed to back up and restore personal files, not system and application files. Many of these system and application files are located in the following directories: /Library, /System, /Applications, /Users/[User]/Library. If these directories are included in your backup file selection, they could interfere with the priority in which your personal files are backed up. 

Identifying the Files that are not being Backed Up

  1. Open
  2. Enter in the following command:

    grep "^W" /Library/Logs/CrashPlan/backup_files.log.0 | less
  3. This command lists any files that failed to backup.
    Note: This  command may show a long list, but many may be repeat errors of the same file

Excluding Certain Files from Backup
  1. Navigate to your /Applications folder
  2. Open
  3. Click the "Change.." button.
  4. Any files and directories with check boxes next to them are being backed up by CrashPlan. 
    Note: The checkmark does not does not necessarily indicate that the entire contents of a folder are backed up. Expand folders to verify what is being backed up
  5. Exclude the files that failed to backup (if they are not needed) by unchecking them.
  6. Click Save.

If you need further assistance, please contact IGPP HelpDesk.