Accessing Wireless at IGPP

For instructions on accessing the UCSD-PROTECTED or UCSD-GUEST wireless networks visit the site below:

Blink Wireless Overview


  • UCSD-GUEST is an unsecured unsecured network. Use only if UCSD-PROTECTED is not available to you. Take extra precautions with your information and exercise good security practices.
  • Most devices will require require a certificate to access the UCSD-PROTECTED network so please do not skip any steps.
  • The UCSD-PROTECTED network requires requires your AD (Active directory) username and password. For more information on different account types, see Account Password Types.


  1. Restart your device. 
  2. Check to be sure your AD credentials are correct by confirming you can log into mail:
  3. Remove and re-add the wifi network.
    1. On macOS:
      1. -> System Preferences -> Network -> Advanced -> Preferred Networks List
      2. Click on wifi network (i.e. UCSD-PROTECTED), click on minus sign ( - ) to remove.

  4. Follow steps in this KB to reset your network