Working with different versions of GCC or Python using MacPorts

  1. Browse to the MacPorts website.
  2. Download the DMG image for your operating system
  3. Open up a terminal Applications > Utilities > Terminal
  4. Make sure that you have the latest version by running the self-update via the terminal command:

    sudo port -v selfupdate
  5. Install GCC or Python via the terminal command

    sudo port install gcc5 
    sudo port install gcc6
    sudo port install gcc12 
    sudo port install python311
  6. First, identify which versions are installed on your system.

    port select --list gcc
    port select --list python
  7. To make the version of gcc or python the default (i.e. the version you get when you run python or gfortran), run:

    sudo port select --set gcc gcc12
    sudo port select --set python python311