Using Xwindow in Windows

Download the 64-bit version of Cygwin from

Run the installer.

Select Install From Internet at the first prompt.

Use the default installation directory

Set the Package Directory to C:\cygwin64\pkg

Select Direct Connection unless you know your environment requires another setting.

Select any host to download packages from. The installer will then install the Cygwin base packages.

Click the icon next to X11 until it says Install to download the XWindow packages.

Use the search bar and search for ‘open’ to show necessary packages. Click the lines for OpenSSH and OpenSSL until the there is a box with an ‘X’ in it under the ‘Bin?’ column.

Select yes to download dependencies.

Proceed with installation. Note: this may take a while. When Prompted, select ‘Create a Desktop Icon’.

Right click the Cygwin icon and select Run as Administrator.

At the prompt type ssh-host-config and hit enter to run it. Cygwin will generate some default files and you will be given the following prompt. Enter yes as the answer.

*** Query: Should StrictModes be used? (yes/no) yes

Enter xlaunch into the command prompt. This will open a series of configuration windows.

Select Multiple Windows.

Select Start a Program.

Select xterm.

Select Clipboard and Native OpenGL.

Hit Finish to complete configuration and open the XWindow shell.

Now you may SSH into the lab machine you would like to use by entering ssh -X

You may then test XWindow by entering the command for any XWindow program such as nedit or gv.