Shutting Down Xerox Phaser Printers

J. Brandt Buckley updated July 22, 2009 at 8:27 PM

On Xerox Phaser Printers, DO NOT turn off the printer using the power switch on the side of the printer or unplug its power cable.


  1. Use the menu on the front of the printer to navigate to the option for Shut Down (it's at the very bottom).
  2. Select the shut down menu item and hit the Select button on the printer.
  3. Follow the instructions on the printer LCD.

Why should I power off this way?

  • While the printer is powered on, it keeps the wax ink warm. If the printer is improperly shut down, the warm ink must be discarded. By shutting down properly, it allows the ink to cool correctly.

What are the consequences of shutting it down incorrectly?

  • If you manually turn the printer off, the wax ink will cool down too quickly and solidify. If the ink solidifies, the next time the printer is turned on it will have to go through it's very long self-cleaning process.
  • It wastes a substantial amount of ink each time the printer is shut down incorrectly.