An Introduction to the IGPP HelpDesk


Welcome to IGPP! The IGPP HelpDesk will be the first stop for many of your computing needs. We offer services such as computer troubleshooting, data backup, software and account management, and more.

For our users, we offer two levels of service: basic services for our Self-Managed users and advanced support for our Managed users.

General Information

Hours of Operation: Monday thru Friday, 9am-5pm

Location: IGPP 4000 bldg. #4112

Phone: (858) 534-1753

Levels of Service

IGPP HelpDesk offers two levels of tiered service for your computer. These are self-managed and managed. Below is a list of some of the services we offer:

Self-managed featured services

-wire and wireless network access
-network shared printers.
-a 20 GB network Account Password Types that gives access to services and resources.
-two web spaces to share files and host websites.
-access to lab machines in the Barnyard lab (Munk bldg. VPN or IGPP Network required for link)
-Unlimited data backup: self-restore your data with a few easy clicks
-Online resource articles to help you manage your computer:

Managed featured services

All of the above, and also:
-remote and onsite Helpdesk support for your computer
-additional software such as Microsoft Office 2016 and Adobe Creative Suite.
-remote management: receive application updates and patches through the Internet
-Self-Service: Our application to let you install common software, printers, and patches at your own convenience

For a full list of features/SLAs/conditions, please visit SLA

Getting Started

Most new users will need to register their computer(s) for wired network access and/or management.

If you have a computer that needs network access, fill out our New Node Registration form at:
If you need a user account, fill out an Account Request form at:
Dead equipment you'd like to get rid of? Fill out our Surplus Sales form at:
Did you inherit a computer from a previous user? If so, please fill out a user change form at

For general help requests, please fill out our Helpdesk form:
For a complete list of specific services we provide, please visit SLA.