ChronoSync Default Settings

Questions Addressed:

  • How do I set up my ChronoSync script?
  • What are the default ChronoSync settings?

Script Settings

A ChronoSync script to synchronize your local home with your network home should be set up as follows: 

  1. First you must bring up the active backup script. To do so, open ChronoSync either from within the Applications folder in the Finder or by clicking the icon on the menu bar at the top of the screen:

  2. Open the Scheduled Documents Manager window (under "Window" on Chronosync menu bar).

  3. Double click on Scheduled: Local to Server.sync to verify the schedule.

  4. Each weekday should be selected as shown below.
    1. NOTE: Backups are NOT run on weekends

  5. Next open the script by selecting Scheduled: Local to Server.sync and click once on this icon  (forth icon from the left).

    1. This is what the setup tab should look like. Your local home directory on one side, and your server home directory on the other. The arrow in the middle should point to the server home directory. It is normal if it says "*** Cannot locate target ***" while the script is not running. When you press the "synchronize" button at the top the script should automatically mount the target volume. If not you may need to check your password stored in the script or re-add the destination.
    2. How do I store my password in a ChronoSync script?
    3. How do I set the destination in my ChronoSync script?
  6. Your settings should match those below for all functions to work properly. Also make sure it has your email adress under Email Notifications.

  7. These are the rules that should be set. Note some rules specify files and others are for folders:

  8. Now is the time to Save the Document if you have made any changes.
  9. Lastly set your Preferences (Chronosync menu > Preferences).

  10. The General tab should look like this.

  11. If it says that Direct Messaging is not configured, you have to click the setup button and fill the form out like this. (With your name and email addres of course).

A Note About File Permissions

Please take a moment to ensure that the permissions of all folders within your Home Directory are set properly. Since ChronoSync now perserves file and folder access when syncronizing, it is crucial to check your 1) group ownership, and 2) file access permissions on your laptop/desktop, as those get carried over to the server.

A folder that is not properly set will expose your backed-up files on the server to other users.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to open a Terminal window, and issue the command:

sudo chmod XXX filename

Where filename is the file/folder to change and XXX specifies permissions for different users. Use "755" for Public, Sites, and your home directory top-level. Use "700" for everything else in order to prevent others from getting into your files. Type "ls -l" to verify that your files are set as shown here:

drwxr-xr-x 17 dlzito dlzito 578 Oct 20 12:12 dlzito
drwx------ 6 dlzito dlzito 204 Oct 24 16:27 Desktop
drwx------ 6  dlzito dlzito 204 Oct 24 14:11 Documents
drwx------ 29 dlzito dlzito 986 Oct 24 12:00 Library
drwx------ 3 dlzito dlzito 102 Oct 3 14:55 Movies
drwx------ 3 dlzito dlzito 102 Oct 3 14:55 Music
drwx------ 4 dlzito dlzito 136 Oct 3 14:55 Pictures
drwxr-xr-x 4 dlzito dlzito 136 Oct 3 14:55 Public
drwxr-xr-x 5 dlzito dlzito 170 Oct 3 14:55 Sites
drwx------ 3 dlzito dlzito 102 Oct 3 14:55 _Archived Items