Self Managed System Service Level Agreement


A host is given self-managed status when its owner or primary user opts out of managed support. Self-managed hosts are given network, file-level network backup, access to printers, licenses to certain software titles.


As the self-administrator of a host, you inherit certain responsibilities that would otherwise be handled by the IGPP Help Desk.


You are responsible for maintaining your self-managed host in compliance with UCSD’s Minimum Network Standards. For information on these standards, visit: In addition, Qualys and FireExHX endpoint security must be installed on all University-owned machines before connecting to IGPP Network. See how to install Qualys and FireEyeHX or contact IGPP HelpDesk for a license of Qualys and FireExHX .

All non University-owned machines, please visit or other anti-virus tools before accessing the UCSD Network to stay in compliance.

It is your responsibility to keep your self-managed machine secure for the safety of other users on the network, and in accordance with UCSD’s Network Security Policy. If a virus or other security threat is detected, the host may be taken offline or provided limited network access until the owner resolves the issue.


The following host status changes must be reported to the IGPP Help Desk in a timely manner:

• Permanent location change or seperation:

• Decommission or surplus:

• Primary user change:


To aid the IGPP Helpdesk in providing the best possible service, timely reporting of host status changes (see Self Managed System Service Level Agreement#Reporting) and prompt response to communication from the IGPP Help Desk are greatly appreciated.


Due to licensing restrictions, the IGPP Help Desk cannot grant licenses to certain software titles on hosts that it does not administrate. When possible, access is given to software with network license managers. A list of the provided software is available here:

IGPP HelpDesk Supported Software

When leaving IGPP, it is your responsibility to uninstall or purchase your own copy of any software licensed to IGPP.


Issues that you encounter with supported software, hardware, printing or network issues should be reported to the IGPP Help Desk by e-mail at, or via phone at ext. x41753. The IGPP Help Desk’s standard operating hours are M-F 8am – 5pm.

Note: Because support priority is given to managed systems, support for self-managed systems is provided by the IGPP Help Desk on an “as time permits” basis.


By using IGPP’s Network and Printing services, you agree to adhere to the above.