Retrieving Host ID

Cipriano Servin updated October 2, 2014 at 1:24 PM

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  • What is the Host ID? What is the Host ID?
  • How do i retrieve the Host ID for Matlab licensing? How do i retrieve the Host ID for Matlab licensing?

The host ID is the unique identifier of a computer or license server. During the activation process, you must supply the host ID of the computer on which you install the software. When MathWorks generates a License File for a specific computer or server, it is locked to the host ID of that computer.

Platform /
How to find the host ID

Windows (all)

For standalone licenses (including the Student version), the Host ID can be either the volume serial number of the C:\ drive (Option 1), or the MAC Address (Physical Address) of the first Ethernet adapter (Option 2).

NOTE 1: For Concurrent or Network Named User licenses, the volume serial number cannot be used as the Host ID.

NOTE 2: If your computer has a B drive, proceed directly to option 2

Option 1: Volume Serial Number (Standalone licenses & Student Version only)

To obtain the Volume Serial Number, open a Command Prompt window (click the Start Menu, go to All Programs, Accessories, Command Prompt) and run the command:

vol c:
The Host ID will be "DISK_SERIAL_NUM=" and the volume serial number listed without the dashes (ex. DISK_SERIAL_NUM=1234abcd).

Option 2: MAC Address (Physical Address, All licenses)

To obtain the MAC Address, open a Command Prompt window, and run the command:


Use the first Physical Address listed without the dashes (ex. 001122aabbcc).

Mac OS X

For Macintosh:

1) Open the ‘Applications’ folder

2) Open the ‘Utilities’ folder

3) Launch the ‘Terminal application

4) Enter the following command in the command window:

ifconfig en0 | grep ether

Your Host ID is the "ether" value and should be entered as your Host ID without the colons.

**NOTE - For most Macs running OS 10.8.1 and above, you will need to use the ether value for en1 as your Host ID. Run the following command instead:

ifconfig en1 | grep ether

For information on how to change a Host ID or transfer your license from one computer to another, see the related solution: "How do I transfer a license to a new server machine or host?"

For MATLAB & Simulink Student version users, instructions for transferring MATLAB to a new computer can be found in the related solution: "Can I transfer my MATLAB & Simulink Student Version to a new machine?”


For Linux:

For a Linux machine, the Host ID is the MAC Address of the eth0 device (first Ethernet device). To obtain this value, run the following command in a Terminal window:

/sbin/ifconfig eth0

The Host ID will be the value listed next to the tag "HWaddr" without the colons.


Solaris CPU hostid:

To get this value, run the following command in a Terminal Window: