Create an ISO File from Folder or DVD

Wayne Chen updated December 6, 2013 at 6:51 PM

To make an .ISO file from a folder use the following command

hdiutil makehybrid ~/Desktop/someFolder -iso -joliet -o ~/Desktop/image

This would make an ISO called image.iso on your Desktop, using the contents of the folder Desktop/someFolder to create the ISO.

To make an .ISO file from a DVD.

  1. First, insert the DVD into the DVD Drive. It should mount.
  2. Open up Disk Utility (Applications > Utilities).
  3. Locate the DVD in the side panel on the left hand side of the Disk Utility window.
  4. Click the "New Image" icon. A pop up window should appear.
  5. Under "Image Format", choose the option "DVD/CD Master" and under Encryption, choose the option "none". Then click save.

  6. The progress bar should appear so wait until it is completed. The file will be saved in the extension ".cdr".
  7. After the new image has been created, rename the image's extension from ".cdr" to ".iso".
  8. You are done. To test the .iso file, double click on it and the .iso should mount.